Thursday, January 31, 2013

Outside of the Box

A number of years ago, my mom bought a framed art print where the artist continued painting her floral picture onto the mats that framed the traditional 9 x 13 rectangular image.  I admired the way that artist moved the image "outside of the box".  Over the past two years, I have used that idea in my cards.  Moving the image outside of the rectangle adds interest to the overall design of the card because cropping tightens the focus.  It also allows someone who is inclined to be a rule-follower feel somewhat rebellious!

Stampendous Spotz Botz

2011 was the first time I went outside of the box.   
It was simple to do because I just used the die cut  
to move beyond the square border.  
(Notice the use of embossing folders?)  

Stampendous - Mod Hatter (2005)

My next attempt was a bit more subtle.  I wanted to tighten up on the woman to give it more focus.  I turned the square I cut onto its point and then went outside of the frame with the right edge of the hat and the top right and left sides for the butterfly and the line of its travel.

The flowers on these next two cards move past the borders,
 Friendship Jar Summer Fillers - PTI
It's a little trickier to do. I look for the sides that will stay within
the box and cut those first.

Then I use the ruler lines on my paper cutter to help
make the remaining cuts.  One cut will have the image
facing up and the other will be face down.  I mark where
to stop cutting  unless I can see where the colors bleed
through from my Copic coloring.

I use my paper cutter to get as close to the image as I can
and then use use my scissors to cut around the part that is
outside of the frame.  Occasionally, I cut into the image with my paper cutter, but that's not a problem because it gets taped down.
The hydrangeas are so full on top so it was easy to figure out where to stop having my straight cut borders.

Sunflower Bouquet - PTI

The next flower wasn't as straightforward.  In choosing the top edge
and the left side, I had to consider the white space between the flowers.
 My borderline needed to take the placement of the flowers and leaves into consideration. Since I don't have a "straight eye" for cutting, I didn't want to have to go in and try to create a straight cut with my scissors in the middle of the image.

If I choose the wrong line initially, it's an easy fix - and just requires adjusting where I make the straight cut using my paper cutter.  My initial line is often too high, so I just go back and make a new cut with my trimmer.

Give it a try - and leave a comment for me when you do.  I'd love to see your card.  I'm working on another card that uses the outside the box technique.  Hope you will stop back and see it.

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  1. Really like the "out of the box" look. You might have to show me some time how you do this. I think I've seen it done with spell binder dies somewhere too. Your hydrangea card is one of my favorites.


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