Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Monochromatic with a Pop of Color!

Season of Friendship - Stampin' Up!
Back again with another CAS card.  As I've done the "homework" in my online class, I have found that CAS cards take me a number of tries.  There's nowhere to hide mistakes or add extra things to balance out something that doesn't look quite right.  Even with a good idea, I've found that when something doesn't work, I have to start again.  Mess up on #2, start again, etc.

The card I posted today was my fourth try.  I told myself if it didn't work, I'd have to stop for the night and go to bed.  On my first card, everything was perfect until after stamping my snowflakes with white ink,  I grabbed clear embossing powder.  The snowflakes came out clear (ewww).  Second attempt -I got to the same point  and used white embossing powder.  The snowflakes jumped off of the card (ewww).  Third (now I'm getting tired) - I accidentally grabbed the white embossing powder and the tree and bird were white!  Yikes!  Luckily two hours after I began working and on my fourth try, life was good.  The white embossing powder was back in its drawer and no where near my card!  The snowflakes look great stamped with PTI's white ink.  Clean yes, but certainly not simple!  I guess I shouldn't do this kind of stamping on a work night!!


  1. Your persistence paid off. It's lovely. I have this set and it is one of my favorites.

  2. As a clean-and-simple gal most of the time (as you know), I will never understand how it can possibly take over an hour to make a card that ends up looking so, well, so ..simple! But even though it does often take me that insane amount of time, I still love the look of them - and the making of them. Lovely card, Cathy. Well done.

  3. Such a pretty card, love that pop of red!

  4. Maybe for people like us it should be called CAC - clean and complicated!!! :0)
    Love how your "CAC" card turned out!


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