Friday, April 26, 2013

Sister Act Card Challenge #4

Antique Bicycle - digi by Milk Coffee
Welcome back to another Sister Act Card Challenge.  It's been great fun to make cards and visit the blogs of folks who post cards.  I am blown away by how the new blog has taken off.

This week we have two sponsor companies.  One is a company called Digi Darla Designs and the other is Milk Coffee, so be sure to post a card!  I used an image from Milk Coffee called Antique Bicycle.  This is the first bicycle I have colored - and it's a whole other style than coloring flowers and people!

Personally, I am just hoping that the last two days of spring-like weather in MN stays around so I can get my bike out and put the snow shovel away!


  1. Your shading on the bike is great - love the highlights; especially on the front tire!! Great job!!

  2. Ooohhh...great card! The dp matches so well!

  3. Nice coloring on the bicycle- you are getting really good at this! Very cheery card!


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